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The Edge Lords

Jul 28, 2021

H. Foley, comic and co-host of Are You Garbage Podcast joins the lords to talk Bruce Wayne, billionaires, and something Canadian's call March Break

Jul 21, 2021

Comic Mike Cannon joins the lords to talk mushrooms, bad comedy tattoos, and finding himself. You can see Mike's special "Life Begins" on YouTube

Jul 14, 2021

DSG has been on Conan, has a Half Hour Comedy Central Special, has been on This is Not Happening and written for the god damn White House Correspondents Dinner. He's also the host of the podcast Wrestler Review. 

Jul 7, 2021

Comic Sean Patton joins the boyz to talk a whole lot of none sense. Sean has done all there is to do in Stand Up and you should def look him up if you don't know his stuff. If you're already a fan then you're gonna love this sode.