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The Edge Lords

Nov 23, 2021

Comic and sketch comic JP McDade joins the fellas to talk to us about being a giant Irish guy from Connecticut. He's very funny and teaches Graham about Dorian Gray and Robby about Wally Pipp.  

Nov 17, 2021

Jordan Jensen just won funniest comic at The New York Comedy Festival and currently opens up for Louis CK. She also has 3 moms and is a great hang. Listen up Edgies!

Nov 10, 2021

Comic and Queens NY native Kunal Arora joins The Lords to discuss growing up in Queens which involved A LOT of gross things. Kunal has appeared on NBC, Tru TV and been named one of New York's Funniest Comedians on the now defunct streaming service Seeso. Probably his fault. 

Nov 3, 2021

Alex English is not only one of Saturday Night Lives newest hires , he's also a funny comic and a fun hang. He joins the Lords to talk Lebron Jame's Ass and getting arrested.